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Introducing CharityTracker Plus, our best version yet!
Years in the making, Plus is the most powerful version yet. Through your feedback and insight we’ve invested thousands of development hours to improve the lives of both you and your clients.
Drastically reduce data entry times with barcode integration for clients and assistance. Print and use ID cards without expensive hardware. Open a case and record assistance within seconds!
Digital signatures give you the freedom to store your client's release of information without printing a hard copy. You can captures signatures using your mouse, smart phone, or a tablet.
Develop a roadmap for your clients then collaborate with other agencies to lead an individual to self-sustainability. Outcomes has been tailored for flexibility within your workflow, allowing an unlimited number of sections, goals and statuses.
If your agency doesn’t offer the specific assistance a client has requested, you can find and refer them to an agency that can meet their need. Requests and referrals empower your agency to assist every person who walks through your door.
This index provides a directory of all the services offered by agencies participating in referrals. Within moments you can find all the agencies in your community who offer food assistance, or perhaps all the agencies who provide emergency transportation.
Groups provide enhanced security for client data that does not need to be shared with everyone, but can be shared with specific agents or agencies. Group permissions can be used for cases, notes, assistance records, requests, notes and alerts.
Need to distribute sign-up forms for the upcoming training session or save a scanned copy of a client’s utility bill your agency assisted with? No problem, with file uploads you can attach files to bulletins, assistance records, requests and case notes.

Enjoy these features in all versions CharityTracker!